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Welcome fledgling I.C.A.S.L.I.M.E initiate!

Your mission, if you choose to accept is to raise a newly discovered monstrous alien that has crash landed on Earth. We need you to find the right environment for the entity so that we can commit further research under ideal circumstances.

The game features:

  • A pet simulation where its happiness is determined by the heat, humidity, and gravity of the environment.
  • Two modes of gameplay : the pet simulation, and the resource gathering clicker game.
  • Custom pixel art and music.

Controls and hints:

  • Switching between the resource gathering and the pet screen can also be done with the 'spacebar'.
  • The slime you're dealing with initiate is a Fire type. What type of environment do you think a Fire slime like?
  • We're not sure if the alien enjoys high or low gravity environments, try to determine which the slime prefers to maximize it's happiness.


Programming, art, music, concept : scottyscoot https://twitter.com/UniScott

Programming, art, concept: sqldatabunny https://twitter.com/sqldatabunny

Art (lab background): lamespacetrash https://twitter.com/lamespacetrash

Laser background asset from  https://opengameart.org/content/grid-background

Made using Love2D, and these libraries:




Open-source code for the game can be found here:


Install instructions

The love file can be run by clicking on it while having love installed.

A compiled windows version is also included, tested on Windows 10.


icaslime.love 3 MB
icaslime_v0.1.zip 7 MB

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